The Jefferson County Family Resource Center provides intensive, assessment, and case planning by working with families to build goal-directed, individualized action plans designed to identify & address barriers to success. Case management services include a coordinated referral process to other service providers, including follow-up and family advocacy.

Our Programs

Provide intensive assessments and individualized action plans, the Jefferson County Family Resource Center is helping families identify and address the barriers that may be preventing them from achieving success. Additionally, our coordinated referral process to other service providers ensures that families receive the support they need to address their specific needs. Follow-up and family advocacy are also essential components of case management services, as they help families navigate the often-complex process of accessing services and advocating for their needs.


The Adolescent Workforce Development Program provides educational and career training, GED & Basic Literacy services, Vocational/Technical Training, and support services to court-involved 16–19 year old youth.




EPIC Parenting

Parenting techniques to encourage and build cooperation & create a stable peaceful home. EPIC focuses on: Discipline vs. Punishment; Improving Communication Skills; Building Strong; Family Relationships; Developing Self-Esteem in Children; and Stages of Child Development.


ARESET Workforce Development Program

Adult education/literacy, GED services, Vocational/Technical training, work readiness, resume & soft skills development, job search, and intensive case management.


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Jefferson County Family Resource Center



Reduce, Educate, Support, Train, Organize, Realize & Empower

The RESTORE (Reduce, Educate, Support, Train, Organize, Realize, Empower) Program is a pilot program created to address “systems level” issues that affect the lives and realities of the families involved with Family Court. The RESTORE Program has two functions: first, the Program would bring together a group of agencies that have contact with high-risk populations in order to create a multidisciplinary team capable of crafting a comprehensive, coordinated approach to and understanding of the social and socioeconomic realities of the families in our community. Agencies represented on this team would work closely with case management teams to ensure a collaborative and holistic approach to working with families.

The Jefferson County Family Resource Center provides a range of services to support families in achieving their goals and overcoming barriers to success. These services include:

The JeffCo-FRC conducts assessments to identify the strengths and needs of families. These assessments help to identify any potential barriers to success, such as financial insecurity, housing instability, or mental health concerns.

After completing the assessments, the center works with families to develop individualized action plans. These plans outline specific goals, strategies for achieving those goals, and timelines for completing them.

The JeffCo-FRC has partnerships with other service providers in the community, and they work to refer families to these providers as needed. The goal is to ensure that families receive the support they need to address their specific needs.

The center provides ongoing follow-up to ensure that families are receiving the services they need and making progress towards their goals.

The JeffCo-FRC also provides advocacy services to help families navigate complex systems, such as the healthcare or social services systems. They can assist families with tasks such as completing applications for benefits or advocating for their needs in meetings with service providers.

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